Reasonable Glass Bowl Shopping Ideas – Emerging Opportunities

Glass bowl collections are an attraction to collectors, fashion enthusiasts, cooks, home designers and many kinds of personalities for their wide variety and multiple applications. Glass bowls are common displays in antique shops, markets, shopping malls and online stores.

Uses of Glass Bowl

Gifts: If you are thinking of a simple but dignified gift for a loved one, consider offering them a glass bowl collection. These come in handy for birthdays, weddings, graduation ceremonies, Christmas and many other occasions. You can offer them with salad dressing, candy, fruits or wrap them with kitchen linen.

Linen Holder: Chefs, housemaids and domestic wives have a high regard for glass dishes. This is because they are easy to clean and provide a neat beautiful display. Glass bowls can be used to keep dining linen, napkins, towels and other kitchen linen.

Herb Garden: For those who love natural atmospheres, what better way to create such than in one’s living room? With a collection of glass bowls, you can grow a variety of herbs in doors. Engraving the glass bowls with the name of the herb is important for identification.

Salad dressing mixes: After an exquisite meal, a salad dressing or dessert usually marks the end of a splendid dish. Most people prefer to serve their salad dressing mixes in glass bowls.

Decorations: Decorating your homes can be very stressful, especially when you are out of ideas or materials. No wonder many people keep repeating the same designs repeatedly. You can avoid such monotony by using glass bowl collections. The advantage of these pieces is that you can make them look unique by engraving the glasses, or altering the content of the glasses. For instance, you can add a new twist by filling them with candy, flower petals, fruits and so on. Moreover, glass bowls have been used for chandelier displays in castles, mansions and palatial residences.

Types of Glass Bowl

Carnival glass: This glass bowl variety came about in the early 19th Century. They consist of various iridescent colorations.

Water Ford Crystal: The water ford crystal has originated since 1783. Initially, it was made in Ireland, but it is now manufactured in other regions across the world. It is heavy and spots a water ford crystal marking at its bottom. This glass bowl is very expensive that’s why it is commonly featured in prestigious mansions and castles as chandeliers and living room decorations.
Depression glass: The Depression glass bowl was produced during the era of depression. No wonder it is of poor quality. It features a variety of colors and patterns. This glass collection is a favorite for history aficionados and collectors.

Milk glass:
It originated from Venice. The white milk bowls were initially called opal glass because they looked like opals. These varieties are opaque and come in a variety of colors.
Flint glass: The flint glass contains high lead content and is very refractive. It is also very hard to find. Its authenticity is proven by the ping sound it produces when tapped on its side.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Glass Bowl

Purpose of the glass bowl: Glass bowls can be used as kitchen ware, for decoration purposes and as gift offerings. One should choose their glass bowl collection depending on their intended purpose.

Type of glass: Most people such as collectors and glass enthusiasts pick their glass collections based on type. For the ordinary person, it is wise to research on the best kind of glass for our intended application.

Where to Buy: Numerous joints deal in glass bowl sets. These include shopping malls, local stores, antique shops, household markets and online stores. For those who are new to the purchase of glass bowl sets, it is better to research through the internet for recommended retailers and brands. You can also seek after recommendations and reviews from relatives, friends and neighbors who have experience with glass bowls.

Cost: To collectors, cost is usually the least of their worries when purchasing glass bowl collections. Enthusiasts of vintage collections go for the rarest and ancient pieces at whatever cost. However, most people would rather go for the cheap glass ware than the highly priced collection. Nevertheless, you should not compromise quality due to cost.

Whichever your use for them, it helps to learn the different uses, types and factors to consider during purchase. A glass bowl collection is no doubt a worthy possession for household decorations, gifts, and historical treasures.

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